Invest in Short Term Rental Properties

  • Invest in Real Estate with as little as $100

  • Generate an Average 8-10% Return based on Historic Data

  • Discover why the Ultra Wealthy 1% Invest in Real Estate

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3 Steps to Invest in Real Estate


Download the App and Browse Available Properties


Select Investment and Purchase Shares


Start collecting passive income distributed quarterly

We're Changing the Game


Passive Income

All properties are fully managed by an experienced property management team freeing you from this obligation.

Small Minimum Requirements

We open all properties to investment with as little as $100 providing access to a wide range of opportunities with limited risk.

Quarterly Dividends

Quarterly dividends are paid on all properties allowing you to create wealth over time. 1

Tangible Assets

Investment in real estate is investment in a tangible asset that investors can even decide to rent and stay.

Diversity Your Portfolio

Being able to easily access Real Estate in multiple locations allows you to create a diverse real estate portfolio.

Safety of Real Estate

Real Estate has and may continue to appreciate over time based on historical trends.

Minimal commitment. Enormous potential.


Invested in alternative assets

With a 20% groth rate in AUM forecasted over the next 4-5 years1

Market Opportunity

Diversify your portfolio and take part in a multi-trillion dollar asset class.

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How the wealthiest invest




Listed Equities


Fixed Income



No Banks. No Hidden Fees. No Gimmicks.

We offer a seamless and transparent investment experience that places the customer at the center of our focus.

Maximum Leverage

We tap into our national network and lean on decades of experience to create a dynamic investment experience.

Work Smarter, Not Harder

Put your hard-earned capital to work and generate passive income on investments historically restricted to the 1%.

Game Changers