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  • Real estate investments from $100

  • Invest alongside the 1%

  • Build a passive income portfolio

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Single Family Rentals

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Car Dealerships

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We're Changing the Game

We're Changing the Game

We smash down doors to give our investors access to exciting deals from across the country.

You no longer have to be uber wealthy to get in the action.

All you need is $100.

Clear. Easy. Frictionless.

Browse current investment opportunities within our app and put your money to work.

Minimal commitment, enormous potential

We deliver a steady flow of new opportunities to our investors.

Investments Simplified

We take complicated investment opportunities and make them simple.

Quality Deal-Flow

We source deals from around the country and look for those with strong potential upside. We enable you to invest like the 1% do.

Alternative Assets

We unlock opportunities to invest in real estate, private equity and other cash-flowing businesses.

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How the wealthiest invest




Listed Equities


Fixed Income



No Banks. No Hidden Fees. No Gimmicks.

We offer a seamless and transparent investment experience that places the customer at the center of our focus.

Maximum Leverage

We tap into our national network and lean on decades of experience to create a dynamic investment experience.

Work Smarter, Not Harder

Put your hard-earned capital to work and generate passive income on investments historically restricted to the 1%.

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Equitable & Inclusive

We believe that everyone should have the opportunity to access A-1 investments. streamlines the process and makes a lofty concept actionable.

Game Changers